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Welcome to this new website, developed with one mission:

to help 1 million people who have suffered a loss move forward to a more fulfilled life whilst being able to adjust to their loss.

Over the next coming weeks and months, I’ll be sharing my own stories of loss and how I was able to move forward, start building a new life and why I want to help others do the same.

Loss is one of those universal events that we’ll all experience at some time. However, each loss for each person is different.

Your loss maybe recent or many years ago, it’s probably a bereavement, but your loss could also be the loss of a job, your home or a number of other events so that you feel like you’ve lost sight of who you are any more.

Whatever your experience of loss is, the aim of this site is to provide tools, resources and courses to help you move forward so that you can rebuild your life, adapting to your loss.